From the perspective of transnational cultural communication -- Yu Renyang, founder of bulaoshen brand


Zhejiang bulaoshen Food Co., Ltd. is a national demonstration enterprise of agricultural product processing industry and a key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization. It is also a national chain operation enterprise. It has opened "bulaoshen chicken" chain stores in more than 160 cities in 25 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, with more than 1200 specialized stores, with an annual distribution and sales of more than 11 million birds.


余仁阳出生于1969年3月,浙江衢州人 ,1990年7月,毕业于金华商业学校企业管理专业后被分配到当地粮食系统工作,志气满满的她却并不满足眼下的安稳。



Yu Renyang was born in March 1969 in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province. In July 1990, she graduated from Jinhua business school and was assigned to work in the local food system. She is full of ambition, but she is not satisfied with her current stability.In the 1990s, with the rise of the market economy, more and more opportunities were placed in front of young people, and entrepreneurship has become the most distinctive brand of the times. In 1994, Yu Renyang resolutely resigned from his iron rice bowl, borrowed 100000 yuan with Mr. Zheng ZhangXiong, and embarked on the road of independent entrepreneurship.Mr. Yu renyanghe made full use of limited human resources, mobilized all social forces to help product publicity, cast word-of-mouth and win trust with sincerity. In the case of strong market demand, the enterprise operation has stepped on the right track and successfully realized standardized production and standardized management in traditional industries. When Yu Renyang was the deputy general manager of the company, he assumed the main responsibilities and made great contributions in enterprise fund operation and management, enterprise logistics and employee welfare security.



On December 29, 2019, Yu Renyang, on behalf of the "God of youth", participated in the human water plan at the world trade building in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, launched the 2020 global brand strategy conference to spread and promote the concept of good water and water drinking culture around the world, aiming to change people's health habits and guide people to drink water and drink healthy and beautiful.On the road of innovation and entrepreneurship and forging ahead, Yu Renyang loves enterprises, employees, customers and public welfare. She firmly believes that innovation comes from learning. Every year, she has to invest more than one million yuan for herself and employees in various training and learning, improve employees' minds, coordinate the development of the company with the corporate vision and common values, implement technological innovation, management innovation and system innovation, and cultivate a talent team suitable for the development of the enterprise. Yu Renyang has always paid attention to the combination of enterprise benefits and social benefits. "Those who love to go out love to return, and those who are lucky to go are lucky to come" is the creed of life he has always adhered to.



In March 2019, Yu Renyang won the title of "March 8th red flag bearer" of Quzhou City. In July of the same year, Yu Renyang won the title of "ten new era private entrepreneurs" of Quzhou City. In September 2020, Yu Renyang won the title of & quot at the third global promotion conference of Chinese national brands; National brand Global Promotion Ambassador & quot; Great honor.







2021年7月13 日接受衢州电视台《健康生活》栏目系列专题报道



On December 30, 2019, the original unveiling ceremony of the birthday star of 2020 global brand strategy of human water plan.On September 5, 2020, participated in the China quality brand pioneer project and the selection of industry quality advocates hosted by China Quality News NetworkOn May 29, 2021, he was invited to attend the conference on non drug therapy and gave a keynote speechOn June 7, 2021, he was invited to participate in the 7th brand innovation figures summitOn June 26, 2021, he was invited to participate in the 2021 National Conference on inheritance, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine and the global network summit of traditional Chinese medicine anti epidemic forumOn July 13, 2021, he received a series of special reports in the column "healthy life" of Quzhou TV stationOn July 16, 2021, he was invited to participate in the unveiling ceremony of the world's longevity capitalOn September 23, 2021, he received an exclusive interview with Zhejiang satellite TV news channel


The leading product "bulaoshen chicken" has won the gold award of high-quality agricultural products in Zhejiang Agricultural Expo for ten consecutive times. It is a famous brand product and a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province; It has been recognized as a well-known firm in Zhejiang Province for three consecutive times; In June 2006, the trademark "bulaoshen" was recognized as "China's well-known trademark" by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and commerce. After 28 years of development, focusing on "being refined and specialized" and aiming at "becoming stronger and bigger", the enterprise has realized the vertical deepening development of cooked food processing industry, Meiyan baking industry, bulaoshen physique conditioning industry, Yitian · Chinese cuisine catering industry and biotechnology industry. Bulaoshen has realized the transformation from traditional industry to modern scientific and technological enterprise Transformation and upgrading from food tonic and brine flavor to health preservation.


Since 2018, we have officially marched into the big health industry. According to Li Shizhen's Compendium of Materia Medica theory - "good water is the king of all medicines and bad water is the source of all diseases", combined with the current serious pollution of drinking water in China and even around the world, we have produced and put on the market the "immortal" water quality processor with the "immortal core" of black technology, so as to truly achieve secondary purification, Deep water purification.


Zhejiang Province is a national model of "five water co governance", and the product "water quality treatment" of bulaoshen has benefited tens of millions of people in changing drinking water habits and laid a good foundation for the physical quality of citizens. *** Ms. Yu Renyang plays many important roles in business and social organizations. She is the chairman of Zhejiang bulaoshen Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the president of Quzhou civil construction entrepreneur association, the vice president of Quzhou Women Entrepreneur Association, the vice president of Quzhou Health Management Association, the vice president of Quzhou Confucian businessman association, the March 8th red flag bearer, etc. The intensive cultivation over the past 28 years has created a place in the cooked and stewed food industry and healthy water industry, Quzhou's cities (streets and alleys) with a population of more than 2.5 million are full of stores under the banner of immortality. She and her husband Zheng ZhangXiong led enterprises to carry forward the health preservation culture of Chinese medicine and food, apply the medicine physics theory of four natures and five flavors to the creation of traditional food, master the unique secret collection and scientific health preservation password, and create a series of green industrial chains benefiting the people's livelihood and health.


In 2021, Ms. Yu Renyang, the founder of immortality, combined with the current problems of chronic diseases, many people's physique and nutrition were unbalanced, resulting in obesity, sub-health and other people. Immortality group spent tens of millions to develop a "Immortality nutrition fortified meal" specifically for the physique of Chinese people, which took four years of technical updating and iteration, bringing a nutritional revolution to Chinese people. "Bulaoshen nutrition fortified meal" uses a variety of nutrients, such as quinoa, oat fiber, wheat fiber, buckwheat, rye, flaxseed oil powder, konjac, pea protein, white kidney bean powder and other trace elements and nutrients to supplement nutritional function. Bulaoshen nutrition fortified meal has SC demonstration (sc10637010501478), ISO9001 demonstration (87158358954q), HACCP demonstration (87158358955h), and is underwritten by PICC people's Property Insurance Co., Ltd.According to the third-party testing organization, this product does not contain additives, preservatives, stimulants, analgesics, antihypertensive and hypoglycemic drugs. It has never done any exaggerated effect in the publicity process. It is neither a drug nor a health product, but pure grain nutrition. Food is the most important thing for the people, and disease comes from the mouth. Bulaoshen nutrition fortified meal adheres to the foundation of human function metabolism, strengthens cell nutrition, makes the body healthier by "reducing burden and burning fat", and never exceeds the legal red line in market operation, Only at the agent (member, store and branch) level, the profit sharing is based on the number of goods taken by the level, and the discount is given according to the actual quantity. It does not involve several levels of distribution, direct sales, MLM and price tag.

不老神企业文化:先做人,后做商人,良心饭万万年。从来不拿产品当儿戏,精心打造每一款产品,28年来屡获殊荣。2005年 全国农产品加工业示范企业:2006年 中国驰名商标,农业产业化国家重点龙头企业,2016年 被国家科技部认定为国家高新技术企业,G20杭州峰会食材总仓供应企业,2019年 浙江省新零售示范企业,通过国家军用标准GJB9001C-2017质量 管理体系认证;不老神生物科技于2020年9月5日,参加由中国质量新闻网主办的中国质量品牌先锋工程暨寻找行业质量倡导者甄选活动,2021年5月29日应邀参加《非药物疗法大会》并做主题演讲,2021年6月7日应邀参加《第七届品牌创新人物峰会》,2021年6月26日应邀参加《2021年全国中医药传承创新发展大会暨全球中医抗疫论坛网络峰会》,2021年7月13 日接受衢州电视台《健康生活》栏目系列专题报道,2021年7月16日应邀参加《世界长寿之都》揭牌仪式,2021年9月23日接受《浙江卫视·新闻》频道专访。

Bulaoshen corporate culture: be a man first, then a businessman, and have a conscience for thousands of years. Never take the product as a child's play, and carefully build each product, which has won many awards in the past 28 years. 2005 national demonstration enterprise of agricultural products processing industry: in 2006, it was a well-known trademark in China and a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization. In 2016, it was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise by the Ministry of science and technology, a food warehouse supply enterprise of G20 Hangzhou summit, and a new retail demonstration enterprise in Zhejiang Province in 2019. It passed the national military standard gjb9001c-2017 quality management system certification; Bulaoshen biotechnology participated in the China quality brand pioneer project and the selection of industry quality advocates hosted by China Quality News Network on September 5, 2020. On May 29, 2021, bulaoshen biotechnology was invited to participate in the non drug therapy conference and give a keynote speech. On June 7, 2021, bulaoshen biotechnology was invited to participate in the seventh brand innovation figure summit, On June 26, 2021, he was invited to participate in the 2021 National Conference on inheritance, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine and the global network summit of traditional Chinese medicine anti epidemic forum. On July 13, 2021, he received a series of special reports in the healthy life column of Quzhou TV. On July 16, 2021, he was invited to participate in the unveiling ceremony of the world longevity capital. On September 23, 2021, he received an exclusive interview with Zhejiang satellite TV news channel.


In the 28 years since 1994, it has been such an excellent enterprise, which has been carried out and widely reported by various media for many times. The stars hang down, the fields are wide, and the moon flows. In this vast world of Kyushu, Zhejiang ushers in the country's "common prosperity" and closely connects health and people's livelihood. Nankong holy land, Quzhou polite, Zhejiang bulaoshen help healthy China, boost national health, and cheer for healthy China.