振兴中医药 克癌铸丰碑——陈海林



Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is China's time-honored cultural heritage. TCM culture has a long history, extensive and profound. As the essence of Chinese culture, the concepts and methods contained in TCM are the treasure of world medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) culture, as a quintessence of China, is increasingly recognized by the people, especially with the acceleration of the aging process of the population, the booming development of health services, people's demand for TCM services is more and more vigorous, it is urgent to vigorously develop TCM health services. To improve the public's knowledge of TCM health preservation, expand the scope of TCM services, so that more people can "know, believe and use TCM".


Traditional Chinese medicine, which is closely related to the development of the Chinese nation for thousands of years, is not only a prominent advantage of the Chinese nation, but also a treasure of the world's medical culture, providing a window for promoting dialogue between Chinese and Western civilizations. It not only shows the dual strength of Chinese culture and science and technology, but also improves people's sense of identity with excellent traditional culture. "TCM is the quintessence of Chinese culture and the treasure of China. The development of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine has a glorious mission and a great responsibility.

Chen Hailin, president of Beijing Limingyuan International Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has excellent medical skills and devoted his life to the cause of anti-cancer of Traditional Chinese medicine. He has established a good reputation in the eyes of patients and cured patients all over the country. Overcoming various cancers is the belief that keeps him going. No matter how life stages and situations change, this belief remains the same.




Chen Hailin, was born in August 1955 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, an intellectual family, his father studied in Beijing Furen University physics ITO. In 1957 both parents were rightists. Chen hailin's parents sent him to a village in Shanxi Province, where his adoptive father was a farmer. He was diligent in farming and worked hard all his life. He was a typical Chinese farmer. Young Chen Hailin grew up under the care of his adoptive father, until the age of 18 years old, after the birth parents to meet Chen Hailin back to hangzhou city life, Chen Hailin wants to take his adoptive father back to the city, but I do not know why the adoptive father is determined to refuse. One side of the face is the biological parents, a face is to raise their own ten years of bed sick foster father.

In such a difficult choice, Chen Hailin resolutely chose to stay in the countryside, take care of his adoptive father, how much love and righteousness! Therefore, laid Chen Hailin's extraordinary life. In the second year after graduating from high school, Mr. Chen hailin went to work in the village health center as decided by the village committee. After the commune hospitals and county people's hospital of the medium and long term training study clinical knowledge, the department of rotation training practice, through the learning qualified after returned to the village clinics, began in the old doctor, under the leadership of distant uncle, began to learn acupuncture, Chinese medicine back broth, identification of true and false and inferior medicine and machining processing, conditions at that time is limited, in order to save time to health spending, Confession from section, kind of medicinal herbs, and uncle and old herbalist often went up into the mountain herbs, medicine and identify the types of wild medicine, on elder people Mr Hai-lin Chen learned a lot under the loving care and education books did not in reality often encounter practical knowledge, two years after a year's cycle of ordinary life, exercise make him into a little extra time, feel more enriched the harder the want to do, He often accompany uncle to the home for patients: one is the uncle elderly 7056 years old, he more than 50 years, the second is the diagnosis, the patient's home with uncle, hope god see coating on the tongue to the pulse, the percussion, all in all a disease have an hour to complete a full treatment of disease, Mr Hai-lin Chen some impatient, original work is not stable. After a few years in the uncle's hand under the drive, become more mature, slowly, careful observation of the disease, a conclusion: to check the need for that kind of medicine, the old doctor to teach students, always want him to know the 500 to 800 Chinese medicine of each Chinese medicine property, return to classics, wide origin, indications, compatibility, taboo, how the main prescription. My uncle told me that prescriptions were always available, and varied from man to man, from time to time, from illness to illness. A few years later, due to changes in national policies, my uncle was moved back to his original hometown at the beginning of Beijing's cultural Revolution due to family composition. He was reinstated and returned to Beijing again this time. In the past few years, Mr. Chen Hailin has learned and gained more than words can express by his uncle's side.

First of all, cure people, 2 can not be greedy money, 3 be honest and sincere to help people. According to their grasp of a little knowledge to learn progress iron rod grind needle. Vanity is too strong, but a lazy pendant, not to advance is to retreat. By their side, Mr. Chen hailin can identify the time when hundreds of wild drugs were planted and purchased. In uncle that learn acupuncture and moxibustion of a variety of therapeutics and the use of medicine and the code of conduct. When he was young, Professor Chen hailin had a dream. After five years of cold and heat, he accompanied his teachers to visit doctors. Day work, night light night reading, burning sundial, memorizing medical classics, devoted to search. In line with the principle of "often ill as their own disease, save his life like my life", serious and responsible for work, excellence in medical skills, considerate to patients. Professor Chen Hailin, no matter in extreme heat or cold, or at midnight, would visit the patients in person if they were seriously ill and could not go to the clinic. He would consult them in detail without being dirty or complicated, take care of their feelings, analyze and judge, and then treat them carefully. Every time he won the recognition of the patients, his medical skills and ethics became famous in the village.

Hard environment stimulates people's fighting spirit, and villagers' suffering arouses the power of studying medicine. Lack of medical and medicine is a common phenomenon in the 20th century, in Chen hailin's hometown, there is also such a situation. It was a true portrayal of the harsh medical environment in the region at that time.

At the scene saw many patients are suffering, pain, and as a doctor is powerless, hai-lin Chen kind hearts suffered greatly impact, and the first duty of a doctor that treating patients inspire him on the path of practice, and determined to in the medical profession rushes out a slice of heaven and earth, and do a good book, good for practicing good doctor. This simple wish inspired him to cross many obstacles on the road of life. Anti-cancer expert Chen Hailin, as a staunch practitioner of the revival of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine culture, has always taken the lead in advocating the exploration, inheritance and protection of traditional Chinese medicineFoot soldiers.


In recent years, the incidence and mortality of cancer have increased in China, and the mortality of malignant tumor among urban residents has become the first cause of death. Under the current medical level, cancer is a relatively difficult disease to treat. The reason is that there are no signs of cancer in its early stages, and most patients are found in advanced stages. Many patients feel that "the sky is falling" and "life is hopeless" once they develop tumors. Chen hailin's appearance brings hope to cancer patients.

After dozens of years of a physician, professor hai-lin Chen insisted in TCM anticancer the road, asked its reason, hai-lin Chen teacher, said: "the traditional western medicine in the treatment of cancer SanBanFu: just before surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and then check the patients with and without recurrence and metastasis, with chemoradiotherapy, not had to passive to wait. Over and over again, this treatment process not only makes cancer patients extremely painful, but also makes cancer families bear enormous financial pressure. Therefore, he wanted to find another way out for cancer patients, so he did not hesitate to choose traditional Chinese medicine.

"Every great healer, will be nerves, ceases, start the great kindness side hidden heart, vows's help contain the spirit of", as a cancer doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, a sacred sense of mission and high sense of responsibility, and incentives and inspiring professor hai-lin Chen again and again, continuously with AiMo tenacious fight, even pour life, also want to try to save more people's life.

It is this firm belief that has enabled Professor Chen hailin to achieve success in the field of traditional Chinese medicine anti-cancer, which has been recognized by the industry insiders and the families of cancer patients.



The road is far from light. Without a cold biting, where is the fragrance of plum blossom? Looking back over the past few decades, he has experienced too much in the difficult years. In a word, he has experienced too much. Ninety-nine percent of sweat and one percent of inspiration: the realization of jumping over forty years. Professor Chen hailin explores the space of thinking and imagination from multiple levels, multi-levels, multi-systems, multi-directions, multi-dimensions and multi-channels. Based on the traditional culture "YI Jing", "Five elements" and qigong, Yin and Yang, body maintenance and other disciplines combined. Under the guidance of the multi-dimensional coordination theory of traditional Chinese medicine, it is organically combined with the diagnostic means and image data of modern medicine. The right drugs are assembled and gasification is carried out to intervene the gasification center (spleen and stomach) in the human body to carry out the gas

exchange (mechanism) up and down and in and out of the focus, so as to rapidly curb the proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells, directly destroy the mutated cancer cells to repair the missing and mutant cells and cytoplasm, and reverse the cancer cells into normal physiological cells. Theoretical basis: "big tian yuan ji theory" described in: "for gas in the day, for the shape, shape of the gas phase and all things", accordingly neijing to the understanding of the human body physiological and pathological physiology is completely from the perspective of "gasification" understanding, from the perspective of "gasification" to study the physiological phenomena, pathological phenomena of the body, disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention principles, and through the air The evolution of chemical rapidly achieves the goal of radical cure of tumor. To create a unique Chinese traditional Chinese medicine characteristics and innovative thinking of cancer comprehensive treatment plan, all samples.

To understand, conquer and break the curse of cancer that is impossible to conquer, Professor Chen Hailin has devoted himself to the cause of cancer treatment for decades. His character is tough, always have a unwilling mediocre heart, as long as look for the thing, no matter how hard and tired can not shake its determination to complete. It is with this spirit that he has developed from a young man to a beautiful man. In his more than 40 years of life, he has devoted himself to the pursuit of Chinese medicine and the great medical care for the people. Mr. Chen Hailin thought of patients, urgent patients urgent, explore, study, inheritance and innovation to develop the valuable experience left by the predecessors, their own mountain to dig medicine, take medicine, test drugs, re - found the treatment of modern various diseases of the drug intensity, more obviously reflects the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of modern diseases. The rehabilitation speed is fast, the course of treatment is short, the cost is low (is the mainstream direction of the national medicine reform), denied to question the various fallacies of traditional Chinese medicine! Bring the most professional service to every patient, with noble medical ethics and exquisite technology, so that patients achieve magical curative effect, reduce the use of infusion and antibiotics, at the same time has good safety, effectiveness, practicality, is a healthy green therapy of traditional Chinese medicine discipline.

Health is the eternal pursuit of mankind, determines the sense of gain of the masses, and relates to the appearance and status of a nation. The outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan calls for comprehensively promoting the building of a healthy China, marking a new journey for China's medical and health undertakings. Healthy China, health for all, is moving from dream to reality. Chen Hailin has witnessed too many parting, tasted countless sweet and sour, suffering and spicy, bearing huge responsibility pressure. Constant dropping wears away a stone, not because of its strength, but because of its perseverance. In his decades of clinical practice, Chen hailin has tried to extend cancer treatment even further. Clinical research, which he valued, has become an increasingly important part of medical development. Clinical research level has also become one of the important benchmarks of national pharmaceutical innovation ability, and has even been mentioned by countries around the world as a strategic height related to national economy and people's livelihood and national development. Hai-lin Chen dean has been through many years of clinical practice in the brain tumor, esophageal cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, laryngeal cancer, cardia cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer and bile duct cancer, bone cancer, lung cancer, bladder cancer, non-hodgkin's lymphoma, breast cancer, neuropathic malignant tumor such as applied for 21 patents of invention, innovation for the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the tumor treatment made important contributions.

Traditional Chinese medicine contains thousands of years of Chinese nation's health concept and practical experience, is a treasure of Chinese civilization, embodies the Chinese people and the broad wisdom of the Chinese nation. As socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, General Secretary Xi Jinping has attached great importance to the development of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine and issued a series of important instructions and instructions, ushering in a rare historic opportunity for the development of traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine is playing an increasingly significant role in meeting the people's health needs. Dean Chen Hailin has been advocating; Radical treatment of malignant tumors with Traditional Chinese medicine is an inevitable choice for the development of modern world medicine.

The century-old Chinese dream has a long way to go. The strong vitality of TCM is due to the continuous efforts of generations of TCM practitioners. As a result, new achievements have been made in the development of TCM. Chen Hailin has been working hard for more than 40 years to cure cancer. We have made new contributions to promoting the Healthy China initiative and better safeguarding and protecting people's health. Today in the 21st century, this year coincides with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Chen Hailin has opened up many new possibilities for the treatment of other types of cancer and rare cancers by conquering the treatment potential of various cancers and using the technology of traditional Chinese medicine sanjiao gasification and multidimensional coordination theory. To commemorate the development of modern medicine and the progress of science, full of twists and turns and hardships. President Chen Hailin named this great project as project 321, which is also the dominant life project to conquer cancer gasification.

President Chen Hailin is based on people-oriented, unity of nature and man, constant dynamic holistic view, and dialectical theory of governance based on local conditions and people; To consolidate the root and clear the source, treat both symptoms and root causes, moisten lung and kidney, dissipate nodules and remove stasis, nourish qi and replenish blood, while differentiating viruses, reverse and repair pathological cells into normal physiological cells. It is not hard to see from the change of tongue coating of the patient,CT report and my own self-report that traditional Chinese medicine can achieve twice the result with half the effort in the treatment of novel Coronavirus sequela.

President Chen Hailin has played a unique role in the prevention and treatment of major infectious diseases. , the effects of Traditional Chinese medicine have been recognized by the world, and he himself was named as "International anti-epidemic Hero".

Dean Chen Hailin has brought health to countless cancers and solved this worldwide problem. However, Chen hailin knows that there are still more unknowns in the field of cancer that he needs to explore. It has always been his sacred duty and mission to promote TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine and conquer all kinds of cancer, and it is also his lifelong pursuit! Ingenuity of Traditional Chinese medicine, to the United States. Professor Chen hailin has made numerous achievements in the career of TCM, but he will not stop because of this. He will only go further and further, pass the great beauty and goodness to more people, and let TCM go out of China and enter the world.




Patient: Chen, 63 years old, was diagnosed in Hunan People's Hospital in June 2021 with liver cirrhosis and uncinate cyst of pancreas (15.8cm). The patient's condition was very serious. Due to his old age and poor physical condition, the hospital suggested conservative treatment. In hospital doctors have to give up treatment, family lose hope, in October this year, through introducing the patients daughter friend (mother to daughter friend is ate hai-lin Chen, a professor at the Chinese medicine treatment of the non-hodgkin's lymphoma) met professor hai-lin Chen, professor Chen know the serious condition so very worried, hurry up to arrange the patient family visits to shanxi, listening, asking and a series of down, Professor Chen prescribing prescription according to his years of experience, the patient had to take painkillers every day to relieve the pain, took Professor Chen's Traditional Chinese medicine half a month has no need to eat painkillers, now take medicine for a month, vitality significantly enhanced, in the gradual recovery.


Patient: Qin, 52 years old, Nanzhuang Village, Lucheng District, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province. The range of bladder cancer was found in four hospitals: 23mmx24mm, which returned to zero after 30 days of TCM treatment. Cystoscopy was performed on December 3, 2000, and cystoscopy was generally normal. Up to now 21 years, lifelong participation in agricultural labor, a cure confession life without medication, no recurrence, no metastasis.


Patient: Qin, 52 years old, Nanzhuang Village, Lucheng District, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province. The range of bladder cancer was found in four hospitals: 23mmx24mm, which returned to zero after 30 days of TCM treatment. Cystoscopy was performed on December 3, 2000, and cystoscopy was generally normal. Up to now 21 years, lifelong participation in agricultural labor, a cure confession life without medication, no recurrence, no metastasis.


Patient: Li Mou Zhi, female, 73 years old, family member of a famous doctor in ITO Hospital. After examination, the drug distribution of the 8 to 9 thoracic vertebrae and the 3 to 4 lumbar vertebrae was abnormal and concentrated, and multiple malignant bone lesions were diagnosed. On March 2, 1998 began to take Chinese medicine, on April 20, 1998 handan iron and Steel hospital ECT examination thoracic vertebra 8 osteogenic activity enhancement, lumbar vertebra 3, 4 osteogenic activity has been basically normal! After 48 days of taking professor Chen hailin's special Chinese medicine, we walked 4 li to the station on May L to see professor Chen off.


Patient: Yang Mou Hu, male, 38 years old, lujiazhuang Village, suburb of Changzhi, Shanxi Province. The range of left upper lung cancer was 72mmx69mm x7OMM by cT examination. No space-occupying lesions were found in both lungs after taking Traditional Chinese medicine for 32 days from May 2, 1998 to June 4, 1998. 32 days to zero!




Patient: Qorong, male, 51, Guantou Village, Zuoquan County, Shanxi Province. Due to lung cancer (squamous cell carcinoma, bilateral neck AREA V1 solid hypoechoic, the size of the right neck is about O, 29xo, 26㎝, O, 41xo, 38㎝. Color ultrasound showed a lymph node enlargement in lV area of left neck (MT). He could not sleep at night because of chest tightness, shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, bloody sputum in his cough and heavy back. Emaciated, walking hard, emaciated, weight 105 kg. Under the guidance of insiders come to treatment. From L 9, 2013 to May 29, 2013. Taking 75 doses of Chinese medicine, a total of 140 days, clinical cure. On May 29, 2013, ultrasound examination was performed in Jinzhong First People's Hospital: Ultrasonography indicated that there were no obvious swollen lymph nodes in both necks. Immediate CT diagnosis report: Impression: 1. Combined with the history, the right lung cancer was reexamined after treatment, and there was a small nodular lesion in the middle lobe of the right lung.



On June 17, 2013, He went to See Professor Song Daqing in Shanxi Cancer Hospital to review the examination report, CT and ultrasound film: compared with the CT on September 19, 2012, the mass of the right upper lobe bronchial peribronchial mass of about 25mmx30mmx25mm disappeared, indicating that there was no recurrence or metastasis after the treatment disappeared. Song Daqing 18035102997. June 17, 2013. One year later, from October 18 to 22, 2014, in shanxi Provincial Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Armed Police Force: do medical identification: a number of tests and examinations after the whole body "no tumor cells!



From June L, 2013 till now, confession has not taken medicine, no metastasis, no recurrence. Full-time participation in labor, and promoted to the village chief, leading all villagers to build a new countryside, write a new village wind revitalization of the new countryside more contributions!

The patient took 75 doses of Chinese medicine for 140 days, with no outpatient registration fee and no expert registration fee, and the drug fee was one thousand eight hundred yuan.

TCM cures the biggest cancer with the shortest time and the least RMB

Symptoms. This is what distinguishes Chinese medicine from other therapies that are most successful, essential and considerate

The fundamental difference between the masses of people and patients. This is the place for Chinese medicine researchers

Responsibility and accountability. People's life and health is a lifelong pursuit. Traditional Chinese medicine

Curing cancer patients has been proven for more than 30 years, and the cancer cells reverse into normal physiology

Cells have become a regular topic of our treatment and are expected to be completely conquered by the end of this century

Cancer, in order to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, human health life

The bright red flag of the community is flying all over the world forever!

Many cancer patients, by the famous treatment of cancer expert Professor Chen Hailin cured

For decades, are healthy and family happiness and normal life; There is the

After the cure is still devoted to the construction of the motherland on all fronts; Due to Professor Chen Hailin

The principle of radical cure of cancer in traditional Chinese medicine is not to fight poison with poison, nor is it

Kill cancer cells, not to mention survival with tumors; Instead, we use our own developed traditional Chinese medicine

Coke gasification theory and traditional Chinese medicine dialectical treatment therapy, cancer cells reversed into a positive

A regular physiological cell; After cure by Professor Chen Hailin, one is no longer transferred

Recurrence; Second, bid farewell to lifelong medication; Three is not dying of cancer. This is Chen Hai

The essence of traditional Chinese medicine developed by Professor Lam for more than 30 years to cure cancer.

It is also highly summarized that "TCM radical treatment of malignant tumors is necessary for the development of human medicine

The classical theory of natural choice. "The journey is long, but struggle". Despite this historic breakthrough,

However, Dean Chen hailin knows that there are many unknowns in the field of cancer research that he needs to explore. Conquering various cancers and people's health is his lifelong pursuit.


ns in the field of cancer research that he needs to explore. Conquering various cancers and people's health is his lifelong pursuit.