聚焦两会 特别报道


Focus on the two sessions Special report Wu Jianxin, a cardiology rehabilitation expert in Traditional Chinese medicine




The annual National Two Sessions, accompanied by the breath of spring, once again touched the hearts of hundreds of millions of people. The "spring breeze" of the two sessions blew all over the land of Shenzhou, and the good "notes" that were "released" concerning the people's livelihood also inspired the Chinese people and played a new movement of development and progress." In the spring of the beginning of the game, the grand meeting of cohesive efforts and the construction of good ideas and good strategies for the start of a new journey of comprehensively building a modern socialist country are destined to attract widespread attention and carry more hopes.

大力发展中医药事业,讲好中医药故事、 展示中医药魅力。 让中医药成为中国 的国家优势,造福中国人民乃至世界人民健康,为推动构建人类卫生健康共同体作出新的更大的作用,把老祖宗的智慧发扬光大。喜迎两会召开,献礼全国两会。特别报道中国中医心脏病康复专家——武建新。

Vigorously develop the cause of traditional Chinese medicine, tell the story of traditional Chinese medicine well, and display the charm of traditional Chinese medicine. Let Chinese medicine become China's national advantage, benefit the health of the Chinese people and even the people of the world, play a new and greater role in promoting the construction of a community of human health, and carry forward the wisdom of the ancestors. We are pleased to welcome the opening of the two sessions and present the two sessions of the national people's congress. Special report on Wu Jianxin, a Chinese TCM cardiology rehabilitation expert.



悬壶济世 救死扶伤 特色中医

武建新, 1958年8月27日,湖南省蓝山县人, 中医主治医师。中国著名中医专家,蓝山县民间医学会副会长,省医学职业学院蓝山地区负责人,蓝山县卫生工作者协会负责人。

Wu Jianxin, August 27, 1958, a native of Lanshan County, Hunan Province, is an attending physician of traditional Chinese medicine. He is a famous Chinese medicine expert, vice president of the Lanshan County Folk Medicine Association, the head of the Lanshan District of the Provincial Medical Vocational College, and the head of the Lanshan County Health Workers Association.
















Representative achievements: Founder of Wu's Materia Medica Fuyuantang in Lanshan County, Hunan Province. Chinese TCM Good Doctor Chinese TCM Leader Chinese TCM Modern Taidou Chinese TCM Chief Expert Chinese TCM Oncology Expert Chinese TCM Disease Prevention Expert Chinese TCM Heart Disease Rehabilitation Expert Chinese TCM Chronic Disease Committee Health Care Expert Chinese TCM Science and Technology Inheritance Innovation Pioneer Chinese TCM Military and Local Dual-purpose Talents




Wu Jianxin, a well-known Chinese medicine expert, specializes in oncology, specializing in bone cancer, osteomyelitis, uremia, hepatic ascites, nose cancer, congenital heart disease and coronary heart disease. Doctor Wu, whose family lived in the Nine Ridge Mountains, began to receive his grandfather's medical skills at the age of thirteen. With Grandpa going up the mountain to collect medicine, from collecting orange stems to understanding the name and medicinal properties of the medicine, until processing and concocting, it is necessary to personally experience all aspects from theory to practice, try hundreds of herbs, clinical practice, hands-on, until the age of 19, formally worship the master, Lu Yongzhong, Lu Daoda, Feng Zhu, Huang Shenghua, Huang Fubao, Jiang Jinsong, Lin Cheng, Feng Yiping, Huilong'an Kong Sheng, Lingzhao Pagoda Morning Kun Master, Jianghu Ranger Short-footed Tiger, debuting monk, nun, predecessor who begged for food, and successively followed nearly a hundred teachers.





  2. 主攻肿瘤,专治骨癌,骨髓炎,尿毒症,肝腹水,鼻癌,先天性心脏病和冠心病。

Wu Jianxin (TCM oncology expert) 1, mainly engaged in tumors, specializing in the treatment of bone cancer, osteomyelitis, uremia, hepatic ascites, nose cancer, congenital heart disease and coronary heart disease.


2. Secret recipe patented heart tongbao specializes in the treatment of coronary heart disease, angina, myocardial infarction, and seek cooperation. If you have a business owner at home and abroad, you can contact Mr. Wu Jianxin directly.










1. Wu Jianxin, who lives in the Jiuling Mountains of Lanshan County, Hunan Province, began to receive his grandfather's medical skills at the age of thirteen. With grandpa up the mountain to collect medicine, from the collection of orange stems to understand the name of the medicine, medicinal properties, until the processing and concoction, from theory to practice, each link personally experienced, try hundreds of herbs, clinical practice, hands-on, at the age of 19, successively visited Lu Yongzhong, Lu Daoda, Feng Zhuan, Huang Shenghua, Huang Fubao, Jiang Jinsong, Lin Cheng, Feng Yiping, Huilong'an Kong Sheng, Lingzhao Pagoda Morning Kun Master, Jianghu Ranger Short-footed Tiger, from the pision of nearly a hundred people.


2. In 1990, he studied in the Department of Medicine of Jiulingshan University in Hunan Province, and graduated from the Department of Clinical Medicine


3. In 1996, he was hired as the chief of osteomyelitis of Chenzhou Branch of the Provincial Intractable Disease Specialist Hospital.


4. In 1997, he was a member of the Provincial Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences (Association).


5. In 1998, the paper entitled "On the Experience of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in the Treatment of Chronic Purulent Osteomyelitis" was awarded the first prize.


6. In June 2001, he published an article entitled "Supplementing Yang and Five Soups Plus Minus Treatment for Chronic Prostatitis" in the first issue of Rural Doctors in China.


7. In 1999, he was elected as the third vice president of the Lanshan County Folk Medicine Association.


8. In 2002, he was hired by the Provincial Medical Vocational College as the person in charge of the Blue Mountains area.


9. In 2003, he was the head of the Lanshan County Health Workers Association.


10. In 2006, the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association of the Ministry of Health awarded the titles of "China's Local Characteristic Medical Clinic" and "China's Local Specialized Famous Doctor", and was selected and published by the Editorial Board of "China Health Industry Dictionary".


11. In December 2006 (Beijing) the development of traditional Chinese medicine, the forum published the paper "Discussion on folk Chinese herbal medicine treatment of a congenital heart disease", which won the third prize, and was edited by the Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Foundation of the China International Medical Exchange Association, the Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the China National Health Association, and became a special guest of the 2006 National Traditional Chinese Medicine Brand Expo at the First Chinese Medicine Development Forum.


12. At the end of February 2007, the "General Guide to Chinese Medical Construction and Expert Diagnosis and Treatment" was jointly edited and published by the China Folk Medicine Research and Development Association, the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Intractable Disease Research Association and the Beijing Xingyi Renyi Service Center, which was included in the compilation and included in the members of the China Folk Therapy Research Professional Committee.


13. On March 22, 2007, it was officially incorporated into the International Medical Editorial Board, and was included and commended in the International Medical Clinical Collaboration Website, China Physician Network (included as a health expert, co-opted Wu Jianxin as a Chinese international professional, only to develop the research center industry, specially invited senior talents. Awarded the first batch of national outstanding talent model medal, in the same year by the expert committee review and approval, has been included in the "International Medical Clinical Collaboration Expo", at the same time awarded the "International Medical Characteristics Diagnosis and Treatment Expert" honorary gold medal, the Chinese Medical Association "Chinese Famous Doctor" and won the medal.


14. In 2008, he was selected as an expert member of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Society with Chinese characteristics, awarded the title of "Son of Xinglin", and at the same time absorbed as an expert of the National Medical Promotion Association, the China Healthcare International Exchange Promotion Association, and the expert member of the Internal Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and prepared to be included in the Clinical Journal of Chinese Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, and was incorporated into the "China Intellectual Property Yearbook" by the State Intellectual Property Office.





Prevention of new coronavirus Fangzi Astragalus 15 grams, honeysuckle 15 grams, houttuynia cordata 12 grams, ten merits 12 grams, Bai Shu 12 grams, Wattle mustard 12 grams, windproof 10 grams, Red Bull Xi 10 grams, licorice 6 grams 1 dose per day, morning and evening 1 time. Serve seven days a week. That's it. It can be taken before meals and after meals. It is forbidden for pregnant women. Wu Jianxin Chinese herbal medicine Langzhong!







TCM serves the people. Chinese medicine escorts all mankind! Xin Tong Bao is the fist product of Wu's Materia Medica Fu Yuan Tang. Natural Chinese herbal medicine specializes in the treatment of heart coronary heart disease, angina, cardiovascular infarction 50%, 8o%. It doesn't matter if you block a blood vessel. Blocked two blood vessels. No surgery, no brackets! All the major hospitals around the world have given up the treatment of coronary heart disease patients, hospitals do not dare to do surgery, do not dare to place stents of coronary heart disease patients. Wu's Materia Medica FuyuanTang can promise to take two courses of Heart Tongbao. A course of treatment is 28 days. Can be completely healed according to Western medical standards! Rehabilitation according to TCM standards! If the course of taking Heart Tongbao is ineffective or there is no improvement, the drug fee is free. I don't take any money!




1. Chinese military personnel have 50% of the costs under the following circumstances. Have a military ID.

2. 50% reduction or exemption of fees for Chinese scientific and technological personnel. Senior Engineer Certified. All are for myself.

3. five insured households, urban and rural disabled people are free of charge.




Wu's Materia Medica Fuyuantang Promise! Wu Jianxin (TCM oncologist) Success cannot be measured by what status a person has reached, but by how many difficulties and obstacles he has overcome in the process of becoming successful. Xiaocheng relies on diligence, Zhongcheng relies on wisdom, And Dacheng relies on virtue, and eventually succeeds in the Tao. Diligence can keep warm and full, and diligence is the most simple quality of people. If people want to achieve greater achievements, they need wisdom to lead. Because direction is more important than effort, method is more important than strength. If you want to have a career like the sea, you must have the same mind as the sea, shape noble morality, gather people with virtue, and rely on the strength of everyone to achieve great things. The plot is in the people, the success is in the heavens, and the obedience to the heavenly path will eventually be achieved.
















With the benevolence of doctors, history will remember Wu Jianxin's contribution to the happiness of the people and the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine. Medical ethics are like monuments, responsibilities are like mountains, and his feelings for the world interpret the true meaning of dedication value. May the cause he forged with love benefit more people! President Cheng Wu will continue to carry out the sacred duty of "benevolence, compassion, self-cultivation and benefit the people", with sincerity and tirelessness, and is willing to contribute to the promotion of Chinese traditional Chinese medicine culture in his lifetime.


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