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Jiang Xinfu:

In 1985, he entered Jiangsu Institute of Literature and Art and studied landscape and flower-and-bird painting under teachers Cheng Dali, Lu Xingtang, Ye Wei, Xu Peichen and Zhang Zhiyuan. In 2013 and 2016, he studied color ink landscape painting under teachers Ceng Gang and Shi Yunxiang. In 2020, he studied landscape painting under teachers Pan Gaopeng.

It is now:

Member of Jiangsu Artists Association

Member of Jiangsu Flower and Bird Painting Research Association


文 / 孟昌明







Xin Fu Shan Shui Qi

Text/Meng Changming

I think the Qi Bureau of landscape painting is the most important. A good bureau is like arranging troops, and the interaction between yin and yang is the secret of philosophical level, while Qi is the soul of landscape form. Even Sheikh puts "vivid charm" first in the "six methods".

Fu Baoshi played with one breath, This breath is full of emotion, Make the technique seem unimportant, Li Keran's landscape has the ancient spirit of Han monument, Pan Tianshou has the pride of Cuan Longyan, and Chen Zizhuang has the general clear spirit after being washed. Seeing the recent landscape works sent by Xinfu, an old classmate, I still use the law of gas to see through it. His pen and ink is a local spirit from Lixia River, which is really verdant and moving.

Landscape is an art nurtured by nature, and its core is nothing more than to interpret the painter's aesthetic mind with a symbol. Xinfu's hometown has no mountains, and his landscape is subjective, and it is a landscape that comes from the heart and attempts to communicate with nature.

Traditional landscapes are nothing more than shallow green with ink. Huang Binhong deeply understood the inherent Zen machine of landscape painting with the figure of Confucian scholar-bureaucrat in the way of cognition, while the elderly did not or were unwilling to take another step in the standard in the level of color design. Xinfu must have seen the famous Jinling Painting School when he studied. Color is expressed in a propaganda nature for the purpose of service on the map of Jinling Painting School, With obvious brand of the times and latent political characteristics, Xinfu is a newborn calf, and there is no fetter of rules and regulations. What you see, hear or think of can be fabricated according to your wishes. Pink apricot flowers, green willows and golden wheat fields, a group of swallows fly by-red and green are almost primary colors, and Xinfu has some willfulness when smeared.

Xinfu has activities, and WeChat tells me to write a small article to help out. I don't pay much attention to landscapes, but I can't help but make a little comment on old classmates' paintings, which is not a comment on traditional concepts. Taking advantage of the time difference flying back across the ocean, I write these words at will to applaud Xinfu's works and spirit.

San Francisco, USA